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Published Submissions

The Royal Commission has received a range of submissions. Submissions will be progressively published below. These submissions are published without any adoption or endorsement by the Royal Commission and without any comment by the Royal Commission on the material contained in them. Links to publicly available references in submissions have been included for ease of access.

Please be aware that submissions may deal with material which some readers may find confronting or distressing. We encourage you to seek support if you are affected.

For more information about submissions received by the Royal Commission, see our Submissions page.

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Date Submitted by Document
Vicki G ANON-24KG-9BTB-9
Rachelle Miller ANON-24KG-9SEM-P
Jenny Bickley ANON-24KG-9SMM-X
Anwyn Crawford ANON-24KG-9SC6-W
Terrence Kenneth Ling ANON-24KG-9SHM-S
Robert James Forsyth ANON-24KG-9SN7-9
Lynette Gay Russell ANON-24KG-9SUD-W and ANON-24KG-9SVQ-B
Michael Griffin ANON-24KG-9B1E-9
Australian Unemployed Workers' Union ANON-24KG-9B8V-1
Penelope Anne Cahalan ANON-24KG-9BAN-2
Margaret McKenzie ANON-24KG-9BR1-P
Dr Ruth Skilbeck ANON-24KG-9BYP-V
Trevor Windle ANON-24KG-9S1C-R
Tracey Hoolachan ANON-24KG-9S6C-W and ANON-24KG-9SXX-M
Thomas Burns ANON-24KG-9S8C-Y
Thomas William Spall ANON-24KG-9SBS-S and ANON-24KG-9BWD-E
Sarah Eastwood ANON-24KG-9SBT-T
Dr Mark McGovern ANO.9999.0001.0117
Deb Dalton ANO.9999.0001.0116
Greg Dyer ANO.9999.0001.0105
Australian Human Rights Commission ANO.9999.0001.0096
Peter Innes ANO.9999.0001.0094
Peter Dickson ANO.9999.0001.0086
George O'Farrell ANO.9999.0001.0083
Trevor Rogers ANO.9999.0001.0081
Michael Griffin ANO.9999.0001.0073
Prof Karl Reed and Prof Craig McDonald ANO.9999.0001.0072
Dr Andrew Turk ANO.9999.0001.0064
David Hunter ANO.9999.0001.0063
Robyn Seth-Purdie ANO.9999.0001.0060
John Stannard ANON-24KG-9B17-U; ANON-24KG-9SC3-T; ANON-24KG-9SV6-G and ANO.9999.0001.0053
Peter Sutherland ANO.9999.0001.0043
Professor Paul Henman ANO.9999.0001.0042
Wendy Willemse ANO.9999.0001.0036
Jai (Jolly) Biagtas ANO.9999.0001.0026
Gerry Krieg ANO.9999.0001.0024
Benjamin F ANON-24KG-9STZ-J
Daniel B ANON-24KG-9SYY-P and ANON-24KG-9SNZ-C
Bryan M ANON-24KG-9SZJ-8
Fern H ANON-24KG-9B4T-U
Steven W ANON-24KG-9B8S-X
Ann K ANON-24KG-9BP8-U
Kathleen H ANON-24KG-9BW8-2
Daniel S ANON-24KG-9BYB-E
Alannah W ANON-24KG-9S3A-R
Carolyn G ANON-24KG-9SBK-H
Shelley P ANON-24KG-9SCK-J
Graeme B ANON-24KG-9SG2-W
Martin B ANON-24KG-9SG6-1
Andrew N ANON-24KG-9SN6-8
Sandra May Lewis ANON-24KG-9SX1-D
Luciano Cipri ANON-24KG-9SXQ-D
Rohan Andrew Adrian Goyne ANON-24KG-9SXV-J
John Lindsay Maygar ANON-24KG-9SYW-M
Robert Patrick Dapre ANON-24KG-9SJF-M
Judith Stutz ANON-24KG-9SK3-2
Damian Gibson ANON-24KG-9SMU-6
Julie Holmes ANON-24KG-9SU8-H
Peter Curtis ANON-24KG-9SUY-J
Nicholas Theodore ANON-24KG-9SC8-Y
Helen McIntyre ANON-24KG-9SE2-U
Kaye Fagan ANON-24KG-9SFY-3
Leanne Wilson ANON-24KG-9SFZ-4
Melissa Mitchell ANON-24KG-9SHF-J
Joshua Klaehn ANON-24KG-9SHP-V
Anthony Field ANON-24KG-9S39-G
Steve Jenkin ANON-24KG-9S97-M
Kathryn Richards ANON-24KG-9B4K-J
Andrea Therese Leck ANON-24KG-9SA7-V
Gareth Mills ANON-24KG-9B8Y-4
Dylan Clogg ANON-24KG-9SAF-B
Helen Chadwick ANON-24KG-9BAK-Y
Karen Birnie ANON-24KG-9SBJ-G
Scott Robert Henderson ANON-24KG-9BJY-P
Melissa Smith ANON-24KG-9BY3-Y
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9BY9-5
Emily Ruth Lightfoot ANON-24KG-9BYY-5
Megan Sara ANON-24KG-9S1E-T
Stephen Fuller ANON-24KG-9S1Y-E and ANON-24KG-9SGB-D
Greg Perkin ANON-24KG-9S3G-X
Luke (Surname not provided) ANON-24KG-9S3X-F
Barbara Newman ANON-24KG-9S7F-1
Ann Mikkelsen ANON-24KG-9S7H-3
Andrew Fergus ANON-24KG-9S8D-Z
Asher Wolf ANO.9999.0001.0025
Ricky Aik ANON-24KG-9SWS-E
Kathleen Madgwick ANON-24KG-9S4P-8
Jessica Jolly ANON-24KG-9SA4-S
Rosemary Gay ANON-24KG-9SAX-W and ANO.9999.0001.0095
Matthew Thompson ANON-24KG-9SDA-9
Colleen Taylor ANON-24KG-9SEH-H
Jennifer Joy Miller ANON-24KG-9SJK-S and ANON-24KG-9SYT-H
Sarah Harvey ANON-24KG-9SNG-S
Sandra Jean Bevan ANON-24KG-9SNJ-V
Richard Ure ANON-24KG-9SE5-X and ANON-24KG-9B8K-P
Dr Nicholas Fisher, Dennis Trewin AO and Professor Noel Cressie ANON-24KG-9SA8-W and ANO.9999.0001.0097
Karen Ryall ANON-24KG-9BAA-N
Bruce Alan Danson ANON-24KG-9BWT-X
Leanne McMahon ANON-24KG-9BAF-T
David Nicholson ANON-24KG-9BY5-1
John Kowarsky ANON-24KG-9BAS-7
Lana Jones ANON-24KG-9BYJ-P
Stanley Michael Waite ANON-24KG-9BAW-B
Annalise Stanley ANON-24KG-9S3C-T
Jeremy Pearson ANON-24KG-9B1A-5
Brian Morley ANON-24KG-9BF9-J
Lisa Bannister ANON-24KG-9SNP-2
Miriam (Surname not provided) ANON-24KG-9B1C-7
Lorraine Overton ANON-24KG-9BFU-E
Rebecca Askew ANON-24KG-9SZD-2
Jamie Moffatt ANON-24KG-9B1Q-N
Heather Ford ANON-24KG-9BJ6-K
Kathleen Southwell ANON-24KG-9B1S-Q
Alison Orchard ANON-24KG-9BJ8-N
Richard Todd ANON-24KG-9B1T-R
Lauren Jade Thain ANON-24KG-9BJC-Z
Catherine Williams ANON-24KG-9B4E-C
Katerina Ficker ANON-24KG-9BJN-B
Jeanne Fouche ANON-24KG-9B8A-C
Dr Phillip Graham Macumber ANON-24KG-9BRH-D
Thomas Studans ANON-24KG-9B12-P
Ryan Banik ANON-24KG-9BRU-T
John Flint ANON-24KG-9B14-R
Kevin Harper ANON-24KG-9BT1-R
Sarah Ollesch ANON-24KG-9B86-1
Geoffrey Gibson ANON-24KG-9BTE-C
Sean Minney ANON-24KG-9BA3-7
Alex Graham ANON-24KG-9BTS-T
Luke Harris ANON-24KG-9BA5-9
John Halligan ANON-24KG-9BTW-X
Annette Joan Spendlove ANON-24KG-9S7Y-M
Sean Thomson Macdonald ANON-24KG-9SZN-C
Sophie Padget ANON-24KG-9S7Z-N
Jason Sheaff ANON-24KG-9SZR-G
Beverly Donovan ANON-24KG-9S29-F
Amanda McLeod ANON-24KG-9SZT-J
Claire Connors ANON-24KG-9S34-B
Peter Spooner ANON-24KG-9SZV-M
David Jones ANON-24KG-9SM1-2
Nathan John Kearney ANON-24KG-9BPR-N
Victoria Moore ANON-24KG-9SM3-4
Wendy Hopper ANON-24KG-9BPW-T
Jill Middleton ANON-24KG-9SM9-A
Barry Whelan ANON-24KG-9BPX-U
Mark Rowan ANON-24KG-9SMG-R
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9BW4-X
Carol Rita Berbari ANON-24KG-9SQ1-6
Colleen Sheargold ANON-24KG-9BWC-D
Lise Cooper ANON-24KG-9SQ7-C
Josh (Surname not provided) ANON-24KG-9S2E-U
Edna Claire Malyon ANON-24KG-9SQE-T
Kylie Kingston ANON-24KG-9S2Q-7
Clark (Surname not provided) ANON-24KG-9SS9-G
Polly Johannody Valentine ANON-24KG-9S3V-D
Nicholas Vaiente ANON-24KG-9SSF-W
Nick Fletcher ANON-24KG-9S7E-Z
Danny Walter Floyd ANON-24KG-9SSP-7
Maxine Godley ANON-24KG-9S7J-5
Cameron Leslie Scott ANON-24KG-9SZ3-H
Kerry A Jackson ANON-24KG-9S7N-9
Karenfaye Cooper ANON-24KG-9SZ7-N
Veronica Irene Perry ANON-24KG-9BP7-T
Sarah Louise Woodroofe ANON-24KG-9B4G-E
Pheobe Pavati ANON-24KG-9BPE-8
Penni-Leigh Cahill ANON-24KG-9B48-Y
Epaminondas Sapounas ANON-24KG-9BPN-H
Ash Baweja ANON-24KG-9B49-Z; ANON-24KG-9BAZ-E and ANON-24KG-9BAB-P
Sarah Hodges ANON-24KG-9BPP-K
Atlas Greyfox ANON-24KG-9BF5-E
Erik van Riel ANON-24KG-9BPQ-M
Paula Maidment ANON-24KG-9BFJ-3
Adrian Lester ANON-24KG-9BFW-G
Susan C Garton ANON-24KG-9BN2-K
Monica Pimentel ANON-24KG-9BN6-Q
Glenda Plog ANON-24KG-9BNG-8
Raymond Johnston ANON-24KG-9BNR-K
Justin Warren ANON-24KG-9BNT-N
Steven Jordan ANON-24KG-9BNV-Q
Jason Greenwood ANON-24KG-9BNX-S
Jennifer Goodrick ANON-24KG-9BNZ-U
Terry Hayes ANON-24KG-9BP4-Q
The Commonwealth ANO.9999.0001.0100
The Commonwealth ANO.9999.0001.0099
Matthew Geoffrey Martin ANON-24KG-9SHC-F
Paul Roberts ANON-24KG-9SJE-K
Adrienne St John ANON-24KG-9SK5-4
Brian O'Donnell ANON-24KG-9SKQ-Z
Alice McQueen ANON-24KG-9SKS-2
Mark Weblin ANON-24KG-9SRR-8
Melissa Schulz ANON-24KG-9SRX-E
Michael Smith ANON-24KG-9SUK-4
Nicole (Surname not provided) ANON-24KG-9SVA-U
Robert Schmidt ANON-24KG-9SVZ-M
Murray Howlett ANON-24KG-9SXC-Y
Damian McDonald ANON-24KG-9SXP-C
Alinta Edwards ANON-24KG-9SXR-E
Mark Warburton ANON-24KG-9SH4-Z
Stephen Whale ANON-24KG-9SH6-2
Craig McMahon ANON-24KG-9SD6-X
Lee Gorin ANON-24KG-9SD8-Z
Valerie Nizette-Wiseman ANON-24KG-9SDG-F
Carmen Boehnke ANON-24KG-9SDV-X
Carla J D'Agostino ANON-24KG-9SE1-T
David Wielders ANON-24KG-9SGT-Y and ANON-24KG-9SE4-W
Donald Williams ANON-24KG-9SGX-3
Gareth Morgan ANON-24KG-9SGZ-5
Adam Shepherd ANON-24KG-9S6E-Y
Peter Jenssen ANON-24KG-9S8S-F
Vanessa Laudehr ANON-24KG-9S9Z-Q
Greg Dalton ANON-24KG-9S66-G
Alison Taylor ANON-24KG-9S67-H
Tara Ednie ANON-24KG-9SB7-W
Trevor Keith Cutler ANON-24KG-9SBW-W
Kenneth John Thorpe ANON-24KG-9SD5-W
James Joseph ANON-24KG-9SEN-Q and ANON-24KG-9B1X-V
Markus Munday ANON-24KG-9SAP-N
Emily Lane ANON-24KG-9SP9-D
Aidan Ricciardo ANON-24KG-9SAZ-Y
Natalie Harwood ANON-24KG-9SR8-E
Breanna Solomon ANON-24KG-9SF3-W
Josephine Morris ANON-24KG-9SRT-A
Peter Scott ANON-24KG-9SF5-Y
Janet Storey ANON-24KG-9ST3-B
Guy Pilgrim ANON-24KG-9SF8-2
Daniel Christopher Bruce ANON-24KG-9STC-U
Andrew Tunnecliffe ANON-24KG-9S1U-A
Simon Luckhurst ANON-24KG-9SFN-R
Renee Rogers ANON-24KG-9STQ-9
Whan Hee (Linda) Cho ANON-24KG-9S4J-2
Edward Borton ANON-24KG-9SFP-T
Stephanie Toft ANON-24KG-9STY-H
Jeffery Morcom ANON-24KG-9S4N-6
Gregory Grimley ANON-24KG-9SFR-V
Natasha Ritchie ANON-24KG-9SW2-D
Jeremy Cox ANON-24KG-9S4Q-9
Benjamin M Harris ANON-24KG-9SFW-1
Naomi Brick ANON-24KG-9SW4-F
Glen Stafford ANON-24KG-9S4X-G
Kyriae Berglund ANON-24KG-9SJ2-Z
Gavin Lee Morgan ANON-24KG-9SWF-1
Paul Rayner ANON-24KG-9S4Y-H
Peter Griffiths ANON-24KG-9SJ5-3
Hamish Campbell ANON-24KG-9SWK-6
Phillip Stagg ANON-24KG-9S44-C
Tamara Gardiner ANON-24KG-9SJ9-7
Brodie Alice Parker ANON-24KG-9SY1-E
Le Roy Fong ANON-24KG-9SAA-6
Tracey-Ann Gulley ANON-24KG-9SN2-4
Debra Coulter ANON-24KG-9SY4-H
Richard Stokes ANON-24KG-9SAC-8
Dylan Harrington ANON-24KG-9SNA-K
Cheree Brooks ANON-24KG-9SYQ-E and ANON-24KG-9BNC-4
Alison Robley ANON-24KG-9SAH-D
Colin Smith ANON-24KG-9SNU-7
Matt McCarthy ANON-24KG-9SYZ-Q
Leanne Swan ANON-24KG-9SAK-G
Simon Katterl ANON-24KG-9SP7-B
Sue Vardon AO ANO.9999.0001.0056
Dr David Lloyd Brown ANON-24KG-9SRU-B
Professor Jane Andrew, Mona Nikidehaghani and Corinne Cortese ANON-24KG-9SRY-F
Dr Shahriar Akter ANON-24KG-9SUW-G and ANO.9999.0001.0090
Dr Yee-Fui Ng ANON-24KG-9SYX-N
Wesley Asylum Seeker Welcome Place ANON-24KG-9S5F-Y
Consumer Action Law Centre, Economic Justice Australia and Financial Counselling Australia ANON-24KG-9S9N-B
Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists ANON-24KG-9S38-F
Gerard McPhee ANON-24KG-9S57-G
Dr Darren O'Donovan (La Trobe University) ANON-24KG-9SAD-9
National Council of Single Mothers ANON-24KG-9SFC-D
NSW Ombudsman ANON-24KG-9SHA-D
Lived Experience Australia ANON-24KG-9SQ3-8
Professor Penny Crofts and Dr Honni van Rijswijk ANON-24KG-9SRG-W and ANO.9999.0001.0085
Professor Elise Bant (University of Western Australia) ANON-24KG-9SRQ-7
Victoria Legal Aid ANON-24KG-9BR4-S
Australasian Society for Computers and the Law, The Allens Hub for Technology and Law and Innovation and The Gradient Institute ANON-24KG-9BRC-8
Economic Justice Australia ANON-24KG-9BTN-N
Anglicare Australia ANON-24KG-9BY4-Z
Suicide Prevention Australia ANON-24KG-9S2F-V
Dr Mark Brogan and Mark Arratoon ANON-24KG-9S2N-4 and ANO.9999.0001.0089
Australian Council of Social Service ANON-24KG-9B1V-T
ACT Council of Social Service ANON-24KG-9B15-S
Monash University ANON-24KG-9BNS-M
Dr Tapani Rinta-Kahila and Dr Ida Someh ANON-24KG-9BR3-R
Community Legal Centres Australia ANO.9999.0001.0008
National 4Rs Community Legal Network ANO.9999.0001.0010
Adam Graycar and Adam Masters ANO.9999.0001.0017
AustLII ANO.9999.0001.0020
Community and Public Sector Union ANO.9999.0001.0021
Australian Federation of Disability Organisations ANO.9999.0001.0022
ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society ANO.9999.0001.0028
Nicola Howell and Dr Catherine Brown (Queensland University of Technology) ANO.9999.0001.0030
Professor John McMillan AO ANO.9999.0001.0038
Consumers of Mental Health WA ANON-24KG-9B1R-P