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Published Submissions

The Royal Commission has received a range of submissions. Submissions will be progressively published below. These submissions are published without any adoption or endorsement by the Royal Commission and without any comment by the Royal Commission on the material contained in them. Links to publicly available references in submissions have been included for ease of access.

For more information about submissions received by the Royal Commission, see our Submissions page.

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Date Submitted by Document
Sue Vardon AO ANO.9999.0001.0056
Dr David Lloyd Brown ANON-24KG-9SRU-B
Professor Jane Andrew, Mona Nikidehaghani and Corinne Cortese ANON-24KG-9SRY-F
Dr Shahriar Akter ANON-24KG-9SUW-G
Dr Yee-Fui Ng ANON-24KG-9SYX-N
Wesley Asylum Seeker Welcome Place ANON-24KG-9S5F-Y
Consumer Action Law Centre, Economic Justice Australia and Financial Counselling Australia ANON-24KG-9S9N-B
Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists ANON-24KG-9S38-F
Gerard McPhee ANON-24KG-9S57-G
Dr Darren O'Donovan (La Trobe University) ANON-24KG-9SAD-9
National Council of Single Mothers ANON-24KG-9SFC-D
NSW Ombudsman ANON-24KG-9SHA-D
Lived Experience Australia ANON-24KG-9SQ3-8
Professor Penny Crofts and Dr Honni van Rijswijk ANON-24KG-9SRG-W
Professor Elise Bant (University of Western Australia) ANON-24KG-9SRQ-7
Victoria Legal Aid ANON-24KG-9BR4-S
Australasian Society for Computers and the Law, The Allens Hub for Technology and Law and Innovation and The Gradient Institute ANON-24KG-9BRC-8
Economic Justice Australia ANON-24KG-9BTN-N
Anglicare Australia ANON-24KG-9BY4-Z
Suicide Prevention Australia ANON-24KG-9S2F-V
Dr Mark Brogan and Mark Arratoon ANON-24KG-9S2N-4
Australian Council of Social Service ANON-24KG-9B1V-T
ACT Council of Social Service ANON-24KG-9B15-S
Monash University ANON-24KG-9BNS-M
Dr Tapani Rinta-Kahila and Dr Ida Someh ANON-24KG-9BR3-R
Community Legal Centres Australia ANO.9999.0001.0008
National 4Rs Community Legal Network ANO.9999.0001.0010
Adam Graycar and Adam Masters ANO.9999.0001.0017
AustLII ANO.9999.0001.0020
Community and Public Sector Union ANO.9999.0001.0021
Australian Federation of Disability Organisations ANO.9999.0001.0022
ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society ANO.9999.0001.0028
Nicola Howell and Dr Catherine Brown (Queensland University of Technology) ANO.9999.0001.0030
Professor John McMillan AO ANO.9999.0001.0038
Consumers of Mental Health WA ANON-24KG-9B1R-P

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