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Anonymous Submissions

The Royal Commission has received a range of submissions. Anonymous submissions will be progressively published below. These submissions are published without any adoption or endorsement by the Royal Commission and without any comment by the Royal Commission on the material contained in them.

For more information about submissions received by the Royal Commission, see our Submissions page.


Date Submitted by Document
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9S1V-B
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9S4U-D
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9S4V-E
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SAE-A
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SFQ-U
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SJT-2
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SN5-7
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SN9-B
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SP3-7
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SP4-8
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SR9-F
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9ST7-F
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9STP-8
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SY5-J
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SYD-1
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SWJ-5
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9S8H-4
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SJS-1
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SNH-T
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SNK-W
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SNS-5
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9STF-X and ANON-24KG-9SP5-9
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9STU-D
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9STV-E
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SW9-M and ANON-24KG-9S3M-4
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SJM-U
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SJR-Z
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SND-P
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SPB-P
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SPP-4
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9ST5-D
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9STR-A
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9S1G-V
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9S4A-S
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9S4B-T
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SJJ-R
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9S1D-S
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9S1Q-6
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9S19-E
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SA1-P
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SAM-J
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SAN-K
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SF4-X
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SF9-3
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SJ3-1
Anonymous ANON-24KG-9SPN-2

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